How Andhra Pradesh got its Name

Why Andhra Pradesh Call Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is one of the 29 states of India, situated on the south-eastern coast of the country.The name of the state came from the original tribes named the Andhras.

The state was a part of the Mauryan Empire.After the death of emperor Ashoka, the Mauryan rule weakened around 200 BCE, and was replaced by several smaller kingdoms in the Andhra region. There have been many dynasty ruling the Deccan part of India like the Satavahana dynasty who made made Dharanikota and Amaravathi as their capital. The Reddy dynastywas established by Prolaya Vema Reddi in the early 14th century, who ruled the present day from Visakhapatnam in the north to Kanchipuram in the south.The Vijayanagara Empire was originated in the Deccan Plateau region in the early 14th century.In the early 19th century, Northern Circars was ceded and it became part of the British East India company held Madras Presidency.Eventually, The Nizams retained control of the interior provinces as the princely state of Hyderabad, acknowledging British rule in return for local autonomy.India became independent from the United Kingdom in 1947. The Nizam wanted to retain the independence of the Princely Hyderabad State from India, but the people of the region launched a movement to join the Indian Union. The state of Hyderabad was forcibly joined to the Republic of India with Operation Polo in 1948.