How Digboi got its Name


Digboi actually is confluence of two English words ‘dig’ and ‘boy’ which later by locals was pronounced as ‘digboi’. The story behind this is rather interesting that a century ago, history was made in a remote corner of Assam in the midst of the dense and malaria infested jungles, by a band of intrepid pioneers searching for black gold. In 1867 Italian Engineers, commissioned by the Assam Railways and Trading Company, to build a railway line from Dibrugarh to Margherita (Headquarters of Assam Railways and Trading Company) accidentally discovered oil at Digboi around 10 miles from Margherita. ‘Dig boy, dig’, shouted the English engineer, Mr W L Lake, at his men as they watched elephants emerging out of the dense forest with oil stains on their feet" However it is till not confirmed. Oil India Ltd makes no reference to elephants’ feet in its company history, although on its previous web site the company noted that Lake had noticed "the oil seepages around Borbhil".