How Hailakandi got its Name


Hailakandi is one of the fastest forward marching districts in the Barak Valley Region of Assam. Several myths are associated with the name ‘Hailakandi’. In Barak Valley dyke is constructed for protection of people and land from flood. This dyke is colloquially pronounced as ‘Ail’ or ‘Hail’. In the Bodokachari language ‘Kandi’ means temporary paddy land and this is how the district came to be known as ‘Hailkandi’ and then as ‘Hailakandi’. According to some historians the district got its name from the ‘Kuki’ word ‘Halam’ means a small state and the word ‘Kundia’ meaning a plot of land for temporary ploughing. Another myth associated with the name of the district is Sali Paddy is grown abundantly as a staple food crop and from ‘Sailkandi’ the district came to be knownas Hailakandi.