How Tezpur got its Name


Most cleanest city of Assam, Tezpur name has its origin from Sanskrit words 'teza' (meaning blood) and 'pura' (meaning town or city. However its more interesting to know why this beautiful city is named after blood.

According to hindu mythology, Banasura grandson of Pralahad ruled this place. Bana was a demon (asur) and seeked blessings of lord shiva after difficult penance. He bestow a thousand arms carrying a multitude of weapons to destroy his enemies and opponents. He also desired that Parvati should consider him as her son. Eventually, all including great kings and Devas of heaven where afraid of him. He had a beautiful daughter called usha. She onced dreamed of a young man and fell in love with him. He was Aniruddha, the grandson of lord Krishna. . There was a war between Banasura and Krishna in which Banasura was defeated. Krishna married Usha with Aniruddha and brought them to dwaraka. Banasura moved to Himalayas and devoted his life in worship of Shiva. It is said that during this war there was so much bloodshed that the place was stained red, thus leading to name Tezpur.