How Kamboi got its Name

Kamboi, Patan

Kamboika is stated to have been evolved from the Pali Kambojaka or Kambojika as follows: Kambojika --> Kamboyika --> Kamboika since hard palatal j is known to change to soft y in Indo-Aryan languages and further yi --> i. The change of palatal j to soft y is not unusual. The Shabazgarhi Inscriptions of king Ashoka also write Kamboja as Kamboya where j is replaced with y. And lastly, the penultimate letter k being sandwiched between two vowels gets eliminated in ancient Indo-Aryan languages following a documented procedure as noted by ancient Prakritic Grammarians. According to third century Prakritic grammarian Acharya Varuchi, the consonants k, g, ch, j, t, d, p etc. falling between two vowel sounds usually get elited. Hence KamboiKa --> Kamboi.